Approach :

  1. Introduction.
  2. Mention the examples of officers’ commendable works and what qualities you derive from them.
  3. conclusin.

Civil Servants form the bulwark of administration and are the real agents of change at the ground level of governance. Many civil servants have worked commendably with distinction that serves as beacon of inspiration for the future officers. Some of them are :

  • Shri Raj Yadav has adopted 5 Sikkim villages, transforming over 7500 lives. He initiated the ‘District Administration’s Adopted Village’ model that adopted underdeveloped villages and directly take responsibility of its development.
  • Qualities learned : innovation in finding solution , selflessnessphilanthropic outlook.
  • Shri Sandeep Nanduri launched a café called ‘Café Able’ exclusively run by the differently abled people in Tamil Nadu.
  • Qualities learned : empathy-compassionunique way to economically empower the vulnerable sections.
  • Athar Amir Khan’s sustained efforts in fighting child marriage and revamping education in Bhilwara district, Rajasthan.
  • Qualities learned : strong commitment to modern ethos and values by challenging social ills, futuristic observation.
  • Shri Awanish Sharan’s bike ambulance initiative to tribal doorsteps, reducing medical cost by 90% in Chhattisgarh.
  • Qualities learned : effective service deliveryinnovative solutionempathy-compassion.
  • Shri Umakant Umrao helped farmers battle drought with over 16,000 ponds, and also recharging groundwater. He promoted ‘Jal Bachao, Labh Kamao’.
  • Qualities : environmental awareness & application of knowledge for mitigation, dedication & persuasion.
  • Late IPS officer N.K. Singh who sacrificed his life in fighting the sand mafias in Chhatarpur district, MP.
  • Qualities learned : dedication to serviceintegrityfearlessnessself-sacrifice.

Tragically, there are instances of civil servants not doing their job. But we must acknowledge the reality that there are many hundreds faceless ‘babus’ whose tireless efforts are moving the nation on the path to prosperityNo nation is perfect, but such officers are the most cherished assets of our nation.


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