1. Cease the fire

Background – Israel attacked Al Aqsa Masjid in Jeruslem on Monday and since then there is escaled fighting between Israel and Hamas.

  • Israel can not refuse its responsibility for the crisis in the region as Israel already expanded Jewish settlements in the region.
  • Hamas seized on the opportunity and escalated the crisis with rocket attacks.
  • Rockets do not distinguish between Israeli civilians and soldiers. While the Iron Dome defence system neutralised most of the rockets, some actually hit Israel’s population centres, killing civilians and raising concerns for the country’s rulers.
  • Israeli cities are gripped by riots between Jewish vigilantes and Arab mobs.
  • Government evoke fears of a civil war and the government to declare a state of emergency in some locations.
  • The high casualty of children points to the collective punishment approach of the Israeli military

Conclusion – The international community, especially the U.S.which is a close ally of Israel, should put pressure on both sides to cease the fire. They should do it sooner rather than later as every day, dozens are being killed in the bombings.


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