tnpsc current affairs 31/12/2022

the Minister of road Transport and highways of India 2022 is Vijay Kumar Singh

uttara Pradesh Top 1st in Road Accident deaths

Tamilnadu ranks 2nd In road accident death

National Road Safety Day has been observed on 4th March since 1972.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K Stalin launches innuyr kaapom – Nammai Kaakkum 48 Scheme for free treatment to road accident victims in first 48 hours

Good Samaritan scheme :
the Government of India provides cash price of Rs 5000 per accident to those who saves lives in road accidents by taking them to hospital in golden hours

Naegleria fowleri is a brain eating amoeba first discovered in 1937. Recently this amoeba is seen in South Korea

Bekal International Beach festival celebrated in Kerala .

Atal Samman Award given to Prabhu Chandra misha
has been awarded Atal Samman Award for his excellence in field of science & research

Wharton Qs Reimagine Education Award 2012 is given to IIT -madras

Project Nilgiri Tahr by Tamil nadu government with a fund of 45.14 Croce

•State Animal of Tamil nadu

.Placed in IUCN list as Endangered

• Scientific Name: Nilgiri Tragus hylocrius

wildlife protection Act – 1972- Seen in : Western ghats .

Other Schemes:

Project Tiger on April 1, 1973

Project Elephant – 1992
placed in Schedule-I

Project Rhinocones 2005

Project Crocodile 1975

Project Gangetic River dolphin- 1986

Project cheetah : 2022

World wildlife day March 3rd
October 7 Nilgiri tahr day


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