GST Appellate Tribunal

Lok Sabha cleared changes in the Finance Bill to pave the way for setting up of an appellate tribunal for resolution of disputes under GST. As per the amendments, benches of the GST Appellate Tribunal would be set up in every state. This bench will include two judicial members, and two technical members representing the Centre and state.

There will be a principal bench in Delhi. Principal bench will consist of a president, a judicial member and two technical members representing the Centre and state. Currently, taxpayers are filing writ petitions before high courts in the absence of the appellate tribunal.

Kirit Parikh panel recommendations

The Kirit Parikh panel was set up 2022 September to review the gas pricing formula for gas produced in the country. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas seek cabinet approval on the recommendations of the Kirit Parikh committee report.

1) This report was suggesting fair price of natural gas to the end-consumer.

2) The pricing of natural gas is revised bi-annually.

Animal Disease Free Zones

In order to boost exports of value-added meat products, the Government of India has called on stakeholders to work towards the creation of region-specific animal disease-free zones in the country.

What is Animal disease free zone

Animal Disease-free zone means a clearly defined part of a territory containing an animal subpopulation with a distinct health status with respect to a specific disease for which required surveillance, control and biosecurity measures have been applied for the purpose of international trade.


The Maharashtra Cow Service Commission Bill was recently tabled in the State Assembly, aimed at promoting and protecting indigenous cattle breeds. Let’s take a closer look at this legislation and its key points.

Responsibilities of the Commission

The commission will be responsible for safeguarding indigenous cows, bulls, bullocks, and calves. It will promote rearing and breeding of indigenous cows and will also handle the registrations and overall supervision of cow shelters. It will also suggest measures to strengthen financial institutions working in this sector and undertake the development of pastures and good quality fodder for livestock.

Role of the Commission

The Maharashtra Cow Service Commission Bill aims to promote the breeding and rearing of indigenous cows in the state. The commission will help in the development of pastures and good quality fodder for livestock. Additionally, it will help in registering and supervising cow shelters in the state.


India’s Defence Exports to Reach Rs 40,000 Crore by 2026: Rajnath Singh

India is set to become a major exporter of defense equipment and materials, with exports projected to be worth Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 crore by 2026.
The announcement was made by Union minister Rajnath Singh during a speech at Symbiosis International University, where he emphasized the importance of self-reliance and creating an ecosystem that fosters self-confidence.
Since adopting the Indianization program, India’s defense exports have increased from Rs 900 crore in 2014 to Rs 15,000 crore to Rs 16,000 crore today.
Singh expressed his pride in the country’s defense forces, which are now meeting 80% of their needs through indigenous procurement.


India to host SCO-National Security Advisors meeting, Pakistan, China likely to join virtually

The National Security Advisers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) will convene in New Delhi, with China and Pakistan expected to attend virtually.
Ajit Doval, the Indian National Security Adviser, will give the opening remarks, followed by discussions between SCO national security advisers and top officials.


NGO from Assam honoured with Children’s Champion Award

Tapoban, an NGO based in Pathsala, Assam, which focuses on supporting children with special needs and autism, has been honored with the prestigious Children’s Champion Award 2023 in the health and nutrition category.
This award is presented by the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights and acknowledges individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the welfare of children in various areas such as education, justice, health, nutrition, sports, and creative arts.


NASA to send 4 humans to live on Mars from June 2023

This summer, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is preparing four individuals to live on Mars.
The four “Martians” will be a part of NASA’s human exploration trip on Mars, even though the American space agency has long sought to send humans to the neighbouring planet. Also, NASA has sending satellites, the InSight lander, a rover mission with the Perseverance rover, the Ingenuity small robotic helicopter, and related delivery systems, all of which are intended to provide the Red Planet with its first comprehensive examination.
The four volunteers are a part of a 12-month project to get people ready for visiting Mars.
When humans eventually land on Mars, they will do so in a habitat that replicates the circumstances there.


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