1)India to join international climate action in civil aviation from 2027
India has announced that it will participate in the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) and the Long-Term Aspirational Goals (LTAG) from 2027. The decision was made at a meeting of the Parliament’s Consultative Committee of the Ministry of Civil Aviation held in New Delhi and chaired by the Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia.


ICAO has been tasked with reducing carbon emissions from international civil aviation. To achieve this goal, the global body has adopted several key aspirational goals, including a two per cent annual fuel efficiency improvement through 2050, carbon neutral growth, and net zero by 2050. These goals are clubbed under CORSIA and LTAG.

2)National Medical Device Policy 2023

Recently, the Union Cabinet has approved the National Medical Devices (NMD) Policy, 2023.

Policy lays down a roadmap for accelerated growth of the medical devices sector to achieve the following missions viz, Access & Universality, Affordability, Quality, Patient Centred & Quality Care, Preventive & Promotive Health, Security, Research and Innovation and Skilled manpower.

Significance of the Policy

  • It can place India’s medical devices sector on an accelerated path of growth with a patient-centric approach to meet the evolving healthcare needs of patients.
  • The policy is expected to provide the required support and directions to strengthen the medical devices industry into a competitive,self – reliant, resilient and innovative industry that caters to the healthcare needs of not only India but also of the world.
  • Policy is expected to help the Medical Devices Sector grow from present USD 11 Bn to USD 50 Bn by 2030.


USD 1 trillion economy by 2034- Tamil Nadu

  • Tamil Nadu Chief Minister inaugurated the national executive meeting of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). He also released a FICCI – Deloitte Knowledge Paper on ‘Accelerating Tamil Nadu’s Progress to becoming a One Trillion Dollar Economy by 2030-31’. It is the third-largest goods exporter in India (by value) after Gujarat and Maharashtra
  • Assuming Tamil Nadu can sustain its current average of 10% growth, it is expected to reach a USD 1 trillion economy benchmark by FY2034. However, to achieve this milestone by FY2031, the State will need to grow at an average of 16.5% annually.


ASEAN India Maritime Exercise (AIME-2023)

Indian Naval Ships Satpura and Delhi, with Rear Admiral Gurcharan Singh, the Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet embarked onboard, arrived at Singapore on May 1, 2023, to participate in the Inaugural ASEAN India Maritime Exercise (AIME-2023). This exercise is scheduled from May 2 to May 8, 2023, and will provide an opportunity for Indian Navy and ASEAN navies to work together closely and conduct seamless operations in the maritime domain.


IIT Madras researchers develop machine learning tool to detect tumour in brain, spinal cord
Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have developed a machine learning-based computational tool called GBMDriver to improve the detection of cancer-causing tumours in the brain and spinal cord. The tool is freely accessible and was primarily developed to identify driver mutations and passenger mutations in glioblastoma, a rapidly proliferating tumour.

Medha Pandey, a PhD student at IIT Madras, said that she envisages that the present method would be helpful in identifying therapeutic targets and prioritizing driver mutations in glioblastoma. With the development of GBMDriver, there is a potential for identifying novel therapeutic targets and improving the prognosis for patients with glioblastoma.

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