1)Varanasi’s LBSI airport gets India’s first reading lounge

The Lal Bahadur Shastri International (LBSI) Airport here has become the first in India to have a reading lounge. Apart from books on Kashi, the lounge`s library has a collection of literature and books in many international languages besides books of youth authors published under Prime Minister Yuva Yojana. The Varanasi airport has become the first airport in the country to have a free reading lounge. The lounge has been established with the assistance of National Book Trust (NBT), an Indian publishing house and autonomous body under the ministry of education of the Union government.

The Airport Reading Lounge is a reflection of Kashi, for both traditionalists as well as the contemporary visitors and passengers, and for those who wish to seek further knowledge on the mystical heritage of this ancient city. Apart from India`s culture, history, traditional knowledge systems, health and wellness, literature in Hindi, French, Spanish, English and many other Indian languages, the reading lounge also celebrates literary icons of Varanasi through their works, iconic places and unknown facts and connections with the city.

2)National Conference on “Land Governance in North Eastern States”

The National Conference on “Land Governance in North Eastern States” concluded recently in Guwahati. With a primary focus on digitizing and modernizing land records, the conference served as a vital platform for discussions on land governance. Co-organized by the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration and the Department of Land Resources, the conference aimed to highlight the significance of land records development for overall progress.

The conference agenda covered a diverse range of topics related to the modernization of land records. Engaging discussions took place on subjects such as current state practices and advancements in land records management, the assessment framework for land governance, customary and indigenous laws, as well as the vital role played by the Survey of India in the modernization process. These sessions fostered a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in digitizing land records.


Ayushman Asom-Mukhya Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

Assam government’s recent launch of the Ayushman Asom – Mukhya Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana signifies a major milestone in the quest for accessible and affordable healthcare.

Role of Ayushman Asom- Mukhya Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

The Atal Amrit Abhiyan Society assumes the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of Ayushman Asom. This society plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless implementation and functioning of the scheme, working diligently towards the goal of fostering inclusive growth and development by providing accessible healthcare services.


Parminder Chopra becomes first woman to become CMD of India’s largest NBFC, PFC

Parminder Chopra has been recommended by the Public Enterprise Selection Board (PESB) to become the next Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Power Finance Corporation (PFC), India’s largest Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) by net worth. If appointed, she will be the first woman to hold the position.

Parminder Chopra has been working with PFC since 2005 and has been serving as Director (Finance) and CFO since 2020.She is also a member of the board of directors. Parminder Chopra has more than 35 years of experience in the power sector, having worked with organizations such as the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation of India (NHPC) and the Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL).


Black hole Scary Barbie

Astronomers have identified a supermassive black hole consuming a star, dubbed “Scary Barbie.” This event has lasted over 800 days due to the effect of relativity on the light reaching us.

The Scary Barbie was first observed in 2020 .When it was initially observed, it was given a random name like all discovered objects. It was called ZTF20abrbeie.


International Nurses Day 2023 Observed on 12th May

International Nurses Day is observed on the 12th of May every year to commemorate the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, who was born on May 12, 1820. Nightingale was a British nurse, statistician, and social reformer who lay the foundation for what we see as modern nursing – a structured, methodical process of nursing the sick back to health. International Nurses Day is a Global celebration that acknowledges and celebrates the commitment and bravery of nurses around the world.

The theme for International Nurses Day 2023 is ‘Our Nurses. Our Future.’ It recognizes the invaluable contributions of nurses globally and highlights their vital role in shaping the future of healthcare. This day serves as a global celebration of nurses, honoring their commitment, bravery, and dedication.

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